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Station owners need to monetize their stations and I suggest the following methods:

1) Audio Advertising:
Maximizing Advertising Zones (MAZ)
Using audio fingerprinting technology, MAZ detects when a local radio station will play an ad, and automatically swaps it with an ad that is relevant to the listener’s geographical location.
MAZ can also swap ads from areas or regions where CPMs are low and replace them with higher-performing ones.
Enabling us to increase our revenue and audience engagement at the same time.

Pre-roll ads may be a viable way for us to monetize.
These advertisements play automatically when a listener enters our stream.

2) Subscription Model:
Subscriptions enable our audience to shape their own listening experiences while providing us with additional income.
Listeners have the choice of continuing with regular advertising or disabling all ads for a full month, in return for a small fee that supports our station.

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Comments: 7