Ability to limit songs in playlist by "Created Date" (or Modified Date)

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For example, you have folder added to a playlist. And you put all music there (from same kind of Genre for example). You may want to Create TWO playlists from that folder, and set the newer tracks (from last 2-3 months) with playlist weight 10 and the older one (in another playlist) with playlist weight 3. In this way, the newer tracks will be rotate more frequently and you can choose the weight.

It would be great if you can select either
1) 'Created date before/after 2 months', which will get the current date and check the songs for that range
2) 'Created date before/after 2022-01-01', which will check the files for the specific date no matter what date is today.

I guarantee this will be the top feature, and everybody will use it.

Under consideration Suggested by: Nikolay Dimitrov Upvoted: 03 Oct, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1