add Lyrics ad checkbox to web widget

Dear sir/madam,
I am helping several schools (in areas in the US, Mexico, Iraq, and Syria) to continue their education using the streaming solution provided by Azuracast.

Feature #1
The web widget (as shown in the attached image) could have a checkbox; once clicked, the content of the Songs Lyrics element be propagated in a simple textarea (scrollable) for kids/students to see the text of the audio file. This is for teaching purposes to read and listen to recorded course/lesson playing in a station schedule. The textarea can be centered-aligned just for a quick refresh(s).

Feature #2
Please allow changing the background of the web widget per station, to present important information once the widget is visited (by educators/students/school kids).

The first feature is urgent as thousands of school kids are learning via mobile devices and many can not attend schools (due to war/virus).

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