Viewing of StationPlaylist internal queue

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It's become essential in my opinion, to have the ability to view the StationPlaylist internal queue, to keep an eye on what tracks in a playlist are left to play before reshuffling.

This has come to my attention by not being able to troubleshoot myself why the duplicate prevention of artists is not working as I expected and AutoDJ playing tracks by the same artist in quick succession. Also out of curiosity, it would be helpful to know what tracks are left to play for the rest of the cycle.

So, I'm basically requesting a page in the admin interface where you can view the internal queue, when it was last shuffled, when it played the first shuffled track and when it expects to complete, as well detailed logs when it can't play a track it was intending to.

Done Suggested by: Mark Wasley Upvoted: 19 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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