Custom player and public page per station

It could be easily implemented, by specifying in any of the station settings' tabs: custom background (for public page), choose from a preset of colours or make a custom one with colour pickers (for text and player background). If no background or colours specified, then load the default one. This could be done only adding 3-4 new fields on the settings' form, including one to upload the background image and others for text and background color (for buttons, controllers, player / modals background, etc). I think with a single code modification (to call the background dynamically by the station's id) - e.g. instead of background.jpg, loading $station_id.jpg. If the file does not exist, then load the default background.jpg. The same rule for the colour pickers or preset themes. That is simple but would be awesome. Not all the stations are alike, and with this the stations can have a player with the same look and feel of their websites.

Under consideration Suggested by: Peter Upvoted: 28 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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