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On the new feature of Live Recording a DJ's broadcast there is the awesome functionality to play or download it, however it would be nice to have an option to assign it to a playlist via moving it into the file system. Additionally, there should be a setting in Station Profile to allow for live recordings to go to playlists & the file system automatically (playlist and folder in file system name would match DJ Name) after the DJ has disconnects . This would be a big help for On-Demand type services where we typically post shows after they have aired.

Some additional settings for this:

1 - Allow for Shows to be set for DJs on the Schedule. This will come in handy when a DJ does more than one show and in this case the playlist and folder should be <DJ NAME>-<SHOW NAME>.

2 - Allow for set time after DJ disconnect before moving the file & adding to the playlist. This is helpful as we may not want On-Demand access for 24 hours after or maybe even 1 week after the show ends.

Under consideration Suggested by: Nick Watkins Upvoted: 02 Jul Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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