Station Bitrate Limits

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Icecast-KH has the option to limit the amount of input bitrate in mount points, when the user exceeds his limit his station receives an alert on the encoder and is buffered

A general limit would also be interesting in the station's profile and the sum of all mounts could not exceed this general maximum limit.

My sugestion:
Add a "bitrate limit" field on the mount points edit/create page
<limit-rate> 128000 </limit-rate> (128 kbps)
<limit-rate> 192000 </limit-rate> (192 kbps)
<limit-rate> 320000 </limit-rate> (320 kbps)

(remembering that there is a VBR / ABR bitrate and it is necessary to consider the variation, always adding a little more to)

Under consideration Suggested by: Douglas Vieira Upvoted: 19 Jun Comments: 0

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