Need added features to the playlists set to jingle mode

Such playlists usually contain short adverts, radio IDs, dj jingles, upcoming special events , etc all usually 90 secs or less in length
1. the cross-fade settings shouldn't be applied to items in such playlists as it would most likely kill key parts of the message, and
2. consider the following scenario • Station needs songs to be pulled from different playlists in different ways, example; Main music > heavy rotation (Set to General Rotation - by weight) - Secondary music > once every 5 songs - Featured Artist > once every 10 songs - Jingles > once every 15 songs (Set to Jingle Mode) - Radio IDs > once every 5 songs (Set to Jingle Mode) etc...
• Problem is this can't work properly since the jingles end up being counted as songs in the rotation which offsets the count
• Solution to fix this is that jingles must not be counted as songs so that the song count remains fixed regardless of how many selections are pulled from jingle mode lists

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